Preparing Your Car For Winter

Posted on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 by CarTakeBack

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With the onset of winter, it's important to get our cars for the change in weather. We've put together a simple guide on doing the most basic checks.


The most neglected item in a car is the battery, and winter will be the time it fails because we use the heaters, lights, wipers, washers and air conditioning. On top of that, it requires extra effort to turn over the engine on a cold morning.

The most common call out for the automobile associations is for a failed battery and generally, it happens when you least want it, so do yourself a favour and get it checked to see that it is able to cope with the extra load over winter.

An easy self help way is just to ensure the terminals are clean and there is good contact. However, when you get the car serviced it is always a good idea for the mechanic to check the battery is performing properly.


In winter, roads can be icy and wet and tyres that are not in good condition can be dangerous.

It is always a good idea when servicing your car to have the tread checked and maybe even rotate the wheels to ensure even wear. Most drivers also forget to check that the tyres are inflated to recommendation and this will affect safety as well as wear and tear of tyres.

And don't forget the ever important the spare tyre, you never know when you might need it.

road in winter with snow

Wind Shield Wipers

The easiest thing to maintain and replace are the windshield wipers. Winter is when they are needed the most, so some basic maintenance is recommended:

  • Check the blades and if worn replace them.
  • Refill to the windshield washer reservoir and check to see the washer works and directs at the windshield.
  • Check the wiper speeds are operating correctly.

Always ensure the wipers are checked when the car is serviced.


We rely even more on our lights in the winter months, so definitely check them all out and repair any that aren't working.

Remember to check:

  • The headlights on low and high.
  • Your indicators, including the side repeater lamps.
  • Your parking lights.
  • Your reversing lamps.
  • The emergency warning flashes.
  • Your brake lights (you might need someone else to check these).

Wind Screens

Good visibility is so important in Winter. Ensuring our windscreen is clean outside and inside is very important. An unclean window not only affects visibility but can reduce the effectiveness of wipers and demisters.

We suggest that you use a recommended cleaning product that can remove airborne and accumulated contaminants.

Above all, the best advice is to maintain your car regularly and drive appropriate to the conditions.

Happy, safe driving!

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