Sat Nav Disasters

Posted on Friday, 25 May 2018 by CarTakeBack

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Satellite navigation is a really handy bit of technology, but as these tales will tell you, sometimes you need to trust in it a little less!

A new start which turns into a nightmare move

A British family of four became stranded in the remote Australian outback - Wilcannia, New South Wales.

The family were relocating from Brisbane to Perth when their sat nav took them off the highway onto an unsealed road, unaware of the closed road signs due to torrential rain. The road quickly turned into deep muddy track and caused the vehicle to slip into a ditch and become stuck!

The family tried to dig the car out of the mud themselves, and walked several miles to try to find help, but failed. They also called the Australian Police for help, but due to the bad weather, they could not be rescued for four days as it wasn’t safe for a helicopter to airlift the family to rescue! Luckily they managed to sit out the storm, living in the car on a tilt, surviving on only a few sandwiches and bottles of water, before rescuers came to their aid after what was possibly the worst 3 nights of their lives. All thanks to the sat nav taking them on a detour!

Digging Car Out OF The Mud

A trip that won't be forgotten

A Small group of Japanese tourists on their travels in Australia planned to drive to North Stradbroke Island, just off the coasts of Brisbane. To access The North Stradbroke Island it's recommended to travel by ferry, but not on this occasion!

This embarrassing event took place when the tourists followed their sat nav, which didn’t include the 9 miles of water separating the island from the mainland.

The tourists drove down the road which turned into gravel, then thick mud, then water, which rose against the tires, forcing the tourists to abandon the vehicle and return to dry land on foot. Luckily a tow truck managed to recover the car, but due to the amount of repairs required the vehicle was sent for scrap!

Car Stuck In The Sea

Hopefully, you will never find yourself in a situation like that, but if you do and you need to scrap your car, get in touch with us!

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