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Other countries where we offer our scrap car recycling service

As well as operating in Australia, CarTakeBack has expanded its first class scrap car recycling service across the globe. CarTakeBack currently operates in the UK, Ireland, Spain, as well as closer to home in New Zealand.

You can contact us or visit our websites for more information about our scrap car recycling service in each country.

CarTakeBack UK logo and map

CarTakeBack UK

CarTakeBack began their scrap car recycling service in the United Kingdom in 2005, with over 300 branches throughout the country.

0330 818 85 50

CarTakeBack Ireland logo and map

CarTakeBack Ireland

CarTakeBack launched their scrap car recycling service in the Republic of Ireland in 2015, with branches throughout the country including Dublin and Cork.

0818 000 208

CarTakeBack Spain logo and map

CarTakeBack Spain

CarTakeBack launched their scrap car recycling service in Spain in 2019, with branches across the country including Madrid, Málaga and Seville.

951 121 383

CarTakeBack New Zealand logo and map

CarTakeBack New Zealand

CarTakeBack launched their scrap car recycling network in New Zealand in 2012, with branches on both the north and south islands, including Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

0800 825 346

CarTakeBack’s global scrap car recycling services

Scrap car recycling rules and regulations vary in each country we operate in. Great care is taken by CarTakeBack branches when scrapping old cars to ensure that all harmful substances are carefully removed and disposed of, so as to prevent the pollution of the surrounding environment. Significant effort is also devoted to the dismantling of the remaining car components to maximise re-use wherever possible. As well as recycling scrap cars to a high standard, we also offer scrap car collection to our customers across the locations we operate in, providing a convenient service to our customers.

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